Study Help Full Glossary for All the Pretty Horses

Abrazo (Spanish) embrace. adobada sauce marinated sauce. Afuera (Spanish) outside. Al contrario (Spanish) to the contrary. Alameda (Spanish) boulevard. Alcaide (Spanish) jailer or guard. Alcatraz shape to stuff things in. Algo mas? (Spanish) Anything else? Algun parentesco? (Spanish) Any kinship? Amansadores (Spanish) horse trainers, but very special ones who talk […]

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Cormac McCarthy Biography

Cormac McCarthy was born Charles McCarthy (Cormac is the Gaelic version of Charles) on July 20, l933, in Providence, Rhode Island. In l937, the family moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, where his father, Charles Joseph McCarthy, was on the legal staff of the Tennessee Valley Authority. The third of six children, […]

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Character List

John Grady Cole The protagonist of the novel; the main character around whom most of the story revolves. He is a disenfranchised 16-year-old who cannot save his family ranch, which is his rightful legacy. In Mexico, when he finds another ranch and falls in love with the only child of […]

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